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New Google Feature Pulls Keywords from Reviews

Yesterday afternoon, Google announced that it is now pulling descriptive words from reviews and other online sources and displaying them in the results of Google Maps searches.  In addition, these new descriptive terms will soon appear on a Google Place search in Google.com and Google Mobile.


Seems like it should be good news for local businesses – right?  Not so fast.  As Chris Silver Smith points out in a thoughtful blog on these descriptive terms, this can go horribly wrong.  If Google decides that comments from a handful of  bad reviews are important, this is what can happen:



More Important Than Ever to Ask

What to do? Regularly ask customers to write reviews.  The vast majority of clients of successful businesses are happy.  By regularly asking for reviews, the most important descriptive keywords that Google pulls will be from those happy customers.

If you are a Customer Lobby member, we  offer 6 different ways to get reviews.  By making it easy for reviewers, we help you get more reviews from your happy customers.  Call our member services team so we can help you get more reviews.

See for Yourself

Want to see how this new change is impacting your results?  Go to Google Maps and enter your company name, city and state.  Look for the descriptive words just below your review count.  Let us know what keywords Google grabbed for your page and what sites they were pulled from.



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