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How Google Places Adds/Edits Locations

In the last few weeks, we have been asked by several clients about the process Google uses to create (and edit) Google Place page records.  As a trusted and structured website, Customer Lobby is a source of location information for Google Places and Google Maps.

Because Google rarely (i.e. almost never) explains the details of  how things really work behind the curtain, those who are interested in local search, reviews and reputation marketing are forced to try to understand Google based on lots of results (think reverse engineering to a moving target).     As a result, there is a constant stream of half-truths that come from “local search experts”.

Every once in a while, a good and reference-able explanation to some complex topic emerges.  Mike Blumenthal is a self-described Google Places gourmand.  He is one of the most authoritative sources of Google Maps and Google Places information outside of those in the Googleplex.  Mike recently posted an excellent note about how Google Places’ algorithm creates and edits locations.

5 Steps to Prevent Duplicate Listings

When Google finds a unique phone/business-name/address combination, they typically create a new Place Page record.  To prevent a listing problem, always use exactly the same phone/name/address and follow these steps:

  1. Claim Google Places listing
  2. Add listing on data vendor sites (Info USA, Localese, UBL)
  3. Claim listing on key local search sites (check out our webinar for a list of these)
  4. Create Customer Lobby account
  5. Add business name/address/phone number to website as text not as an image.

How to Fix Duplicate Listings

If a business has duplicate listings, it is likely that the phone/business-name/address is not exactly the same everywhere.  What to do?

  1. Follow this advice exactly
  2. Implement the 5 steps above
  3. Wait – the merge/purge can take a while

Have you had a duplicate listing issue?  What has worked for you?


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