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Small Businesses See Results with Facebook

A recent study by Constant Contact, an email distribution service, has found that social media marketing is now a key strategy for small businesses. Of nearly 1,600 businesses included in the poll, 73% said that they were currently employing social media strategies.

Small businesses see results with FacebookThough websites, emails, advertising and events are still common strategies, small businesses are seeing results from emerging online communication channels. Facebook claimed the position as the most effective social media platform compared to Twitter, LinkedIn, Video sharing and Local Deal services. In October 2010, 63% of small businesses reported that Facebook was important for marketing. Seven months later, 82% of small businesses using Facebook reported that it was an effective tool.

Despite these statistics, small business owners often struggle with coming up with content for their Facebook profile. The key is to keep the content personal and to make a human connection. In short, the content should be….social.

Customer reviews make terrific Facebook content that can be automatically published by third-party solutions, like Customer Lobby. Unlike testimonials, this is fresh, timely and personable content that reaches a broad audience and helps build your customer base.

Note: 87% of small businesses that participated in the study have 25 or fewer employees.


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