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Keeping it Real: The Language of Customer Reviews

Customer reviews come in all shapes and sizes — different lengths, writing styles, and tones. Some are well-written and some are not. It’s common these days for customers to write reviews on the go, from their cell phones or while multi-tasking at work or home. The inevitable result is more spelling and grammatical errors.

Well-written customer reviews have been shown to be more effective than poorly written ones. So, what does a company do to ensure that they get quality reviews?

First of all, don’t fret about having a couple of grammatically incorrect reviews! Unpolished reviews can add value to your reviews page because they are authentic and help distinguish your reviews from testimonials. Secondly, editing customer reviews after they are written is not an acceptable option. Not only is it unethical, but it destroys the authenticity of the review.

Customer Lobby offers a couple of alternatives to editing that can solve the problem of poorly written reviews:

1) The Customer Call Review:
Phone reviews, in which a professional third-party company calls customers you select and transcribes the reviews over the phone, tend to produce cleaner copy. They often result in longer, more substantial reviews as well.

2) Comment on the review for clarification (only when absolutely necessary):
If the wrong company name or product name is used in a customer review about your business and you feel compelled to clarify, simply post a comment. Keep it short, sweet, and positive. Thank the reviewer for writing the review and repeat the company or product name with the corrected name for your prospective customers.

When in doubt about the quality of your online customer reviews, give us a call. Even if you’re not a client, we’d be happy to help and answer any questions you have!


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