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Taking Action on Your Customer Reviews

Inappropriate content. Defamatory comments. Not a customer. 

These are the most common concerns that our clients have about their online customer reviews. They often call us for advice on how to address these issues or how to get a review removed from Customer Lobby as well as from directories and review sites online.

The popularity and accessibility of review forums makes it easy for people to publicly voice their complaints and opinions, and reach a large audience. Review sites typically provide content guidelines intended to protect businesses and reviewers alike. They also acknowledge that they will remove reviews that violate their publishing policy.

Despite having these policies, review sites don’t make it easy to get an invalid review removed and they provide little, if any, advice on how to respond to a review. For example, you can flag a review as inappropriate on Google, but more often than not, they will leave the review up. The business owner may be left wondering what to do next.

Customer Lobby, as a reputation marketing solution, takes a different approach. We give businesses options and tools to take action on their reviews. We encourage and advise our clients to communicate with their customers. Addressing concerns and resolving disputes in a straightforward way is the key to reputation marketing. Your prospective customers want to see more than just your 5-star reviews. Transparency and credibility go hand-in-hand.

Customer Lobby does not remove reviews simply because they are negative. Opinions are valid even if they seem unfair. Reviews are removed only if they violate our publishing policy. This is why a page full of 5-star reviews on Customer Lobby is so valuable: The reviews are credible and trustworthy, and everybody’s going to know it.


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