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New Studies on Impact of Reviews

Greg Sterling just wrote a blog: Two Studies Affirm Power of Reviews.

The results of the studies: reviews are important.

In fact, reviews are more important than Facebook Likes, Twitter Tweets, videos, community forums, mobile apps, Q&A on your site, etc.  As a means of getting new business, reviews rock!  Not only are reviews very effective, they are getting more important over time.

But that is not the real story.

Customer Service is the New “Marketing and Advertising”

The real story is that lots of companies are going to waste millions, perhaps billions, of dollars on marketing and advertising when they would get a better return on investment by spending it on providing great customer service.  Great news for small businesses everywhere!  That means that size (ie. that which gives the ability to outspend your smaller competitors on advertising) is not what matters.

Want more new customers?  Spend time (and money) on customer service and then help your customers write reviews about you.

Stay tuned…we will be hearing about this theme for the next 10 years.



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