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What is SEO?

The internet is taking over as the primary way in which prospects learn about and decide to support small businesses. You have probably heard the term “Search Engine Optimization,” but may not really understand what it means. There’s a lot of information out there and it is admittedly a bit confusing. Allow us to simplify things…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing via organic or un-paid (algorithmic) search results. This means that SEO is the process by which you employ strategies that result in your website or web page appearing more times and higher up on the search engine results pages when a someone searches for a relevant term or phrase. Having a more optimized site then obviously helps prospects find your site more easily when they do a search for a term that you targeted for optimization.

For example, if I own a photography business that specializes in weddings, I may optimize my site for the key phrase “wedding photography tips.” It would seem logical to optimize for “photography,” but that is too broad and will have a lot of competition. The more specific the phrase, the higher your chances of getting your site at the top of the search results.

Using the free Google Keyword Selector, you can determine what would be good keywords or phrases for your business. There are 83 billion results for “what is photography,” but only 15 thousand results for “wedding photography tips.” That means that you’d have a better chance of ranking high on the second phrase.

In addition to looking at the number of results, look at the competition rating, which is a sliding scale. A low number of results with a low competition rating is an ideal phrase to try to “own” with SEO. You can optimize your site for several different phrases. Your goal is to capture results of relevant searches that will drive qualified prospects to your site. SEO is about quality of visitors more so than it is about volume.

In my next blog post, I’ll explain 5 SEO imperatives for improving your search engine ranking. Stay tuned…



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