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From Google: Customer Lobby 2.5x Better

Google was asked to testify in a Senate Judiciary hearing that is looking into its possible anti-competitive practices.  Although the substance of the charge is
interesting (and I think mostly undeserved), a rare piece of data from the Googleplex was released that is very telling for local businesses.

From Google’s website (bold inserted by me):

” In fact, most of the click traffic (roughly two-thirds of clicks) from our local search result pages goes directly to small business websites, and review sites make up the next largest percentage (about a quarter of clicks). Less than 10% of clicks from our local results page go to Google Place Pages.”

2.5x More Important that Google Reviews

WHAT??  Google said that, although optimizing your Google place page is important so your business shows up on the search results, your Place page (and your Google reviews!) are 2.5 times less likely to get clicked on than your reviews from Customer Lobby.


Thanks Google!



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  1. Yes, I was watching the Senate hearings and thought that statistic seemed a little odd. Based on our LIMITED empirical evidence with working with small business owners, I doubt it really is as low as 10%. Especially since you are forced to the Place page when using mobile search. And based on that Senate hearing, as much as 97% of ALL mobile searches are done using……GOOGLE! I guess if I was in front of a Senate committee, I might try to fudge the numbers a bit too!

    1. @Local SEO
      Lying to the US Senate can be very bad for your mobility. Its hard to imagine that Eric Schmidt would risk doing time in a federal pen just as he stepped down as CEO. I would bet that there were a lot of lawyers that looked very carefully at that the Senate testimony (it was mostly prepared ahead of time) before it was presented. That is why the number is so striking.

  2. I agree with you, but I wonder how those numbers might have changed since Google went “grey” and hovering causes the red pin lighting up and to bring up the arrow bar. So now the preview shows up. Are you actively marketing for client in GP? Have you seen any changes in CTR since the update? Eric “eRock” Christopher

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