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Respond to Customer Criticism

Criticism is a bummer. No one likes it.

But what should you do  if someone criticizes your company publicly in a bad review, Tweet, Facebook post or blog post?

Data on What to Do

eMarketer published an article yesterday entitled When Consumers Tweet Complaints, Should Brands Respond? and in it they summarize a study that found:

“…86% of Twitter complainers would have liked or loved to hear from the company regarding their complaints—and out of those who heard back, 75% were satisfied with the company’s response.”

In short, the data suggests you should respond to your critics because:

  • they are expecting it;
  • they will be happy if you do;
  • they will be disappointed if you don’t.

Action Steps for Criticism

  1. Systematically check to see what is said about your company.  Alternatives include: regularly Google your company, set up free Google Alerts, use a reputation monitoring product, search on Twitter.com for #yourcompanyname, etc.
  2. Respond publicly if you can – read this if you are not sure.
  3. Respond in the same place the critic made the comment.
  4. When responding, keep this great advice from Kevin in mind.


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