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Quality: The Hidden Benefit of Customer Reviews

By now, you probably know that collecting and publishing real customer reviews online leads to an increase in customers. What you may not know is that in addition to increasing the quantity of new business, reviews can improve the quality of your customer relationships! To be clear, what I mean by that is that you are more likely to attract customers who value customer service while attracting fewer prospects who just want the cheapest option on the block.

Any business owner has experienced the reality that it requires as much time and resources to help a customer with a low budget as a customer with a high budget. Moreover, many business owners have commented on there being an inverse relationship whereby the expectations of customers with lower budgets seem to be far higher than customers with higher budgets. In their experience, when dealing with price-shoppers, businesses generate less revenue per customer and also generate less profit per customer since it takes more to make those clients happy.

“Since becoming a member, we not only get more business, but we also get better customers who value the service we provide….Advertising can’t do that.” (Hayward Auto Care)

Hayward Auto Care in Central California has been a member of Customer Lobby for more than two years for just this very reason. They expected more business to come through the door and have been pleased by the added benefit of having better customers who truly appreciate the service they provide. The process then becomes cyclical. These are the customers who are likely to tell their friends and family and therefore a key audience for Hayward Auto Care as they look to grow. By providing good service and publishing reviews from their satisfied customers, Hayward Auto Care has ensured repeat and referral business.



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