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Customer Lobby conducted a study to measure the impact of customer reviews on capturing new clients.

The study was conducted with Yodle, Inc., an Internet marketing and advertising business.  Companies in  eight different local service  industries were selected and their lead capture / customer capture rates were monitored for several months to create a benchmark.  These companies then created Customer Lobby reviews accounts and began generating customer reviews.  A link to the reviews was placed onto the home page of each of these companies.  Yodle then compared the new customer capture rate with Customer Lobby reviews displayed vs. prior months new customer capture rates without Customer Lobby reviews.

Dramatic Improvement with 3 or More Reviews

In 63% of the companies measured, adding Customer Lobby to the home page of the local business increased the new customer capture.  Increased results ranged from dramatic improvement to modest improvement.

However, when the company had at least 3 reviews posted on Customer Lobby, 100% of the companies studied saw increased new customer capture rates and 60% of the study participants saw dramatic improvement.

Key Take Away:  +2 Reviews

The key points from this study are:

  1. Using Customer Lobby helps local businesses increase their new customer capture rate;
  2. Customer reviews make all of your other marketing efforts more effective by converting more leads to customers; and
  3. Having at least 3 reviews independently hosted and available on your website creates dramatic improvement.


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