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Consequences of Reviews

The Worchester Telegram recently ran an article about why local businesses love and hate online customer reviews. The article quoted bar/business owner Armsby Lopez as saying that one popular review site is “an unanswered forum for people to bitch. I feel like it’s a green light to voice your opinion without consequences.” Even though Lopez’ business, Armsby Abbey, receives almost all 4 and 5 star reviews, he understands that the occasional bad review is to be expected. Ironically, the only comment to the online article was a negative review of his business.

What Mr. Lopez perhaps doesn’t realize is that he has the power to respond to bad reviews so that they become opportunities to connect with his customer base rather than divisive content on the web that he simply has to hope no one sees. There are many places online where consumers are looking for validation on whether or not to patron a business. It is a better strategy for a business’ reviews to be linked from their own website, distributed through social media and published on Google than to rely solely on a directory. That is why some business owners say they don’t like online reviews.

Don’t be confused….online customer reviews and reputation marketing go well beyond just any single review site. If you aren’t satisfied with the impact reviews are having on your business, consider an option that brings in customers rather than surfaces the few that have had a bad experience.

Mr: Lopez – don’t hesitate to call us at 866-718-9549 if you’d like some complimentary advice on how to handle bad reviews or on how to better leverage your good ones. We are happy to help.


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