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5 Reasons to Build a Customer Email List

Your customer email list can be one of your most valuable assets.  But, building the list can be hard, right?

Here is a little extra motivation in the form of 5 reasons to build your customer email list:

  1. Email is the most cost-effective means to communicate with customers.

    Most local businesses live and die by repeat and referral business.  Emailing your existing customers is by far, the lowest cost, most impactful way to generate repeat and referral business.  Simply put, if you don’t have their email address, you can’t send them an email and you are likely missing out on additional business.

  2. Enables “Revenue on Demand”.

    Revenue on Demand is the practice of offering a limited time deal on your product or service.  If the deal is good enough, presto…revenue on demand.  Groupon, Living Social, and many others offer this service to local businesses.  But how can having built your customer email list help with this?  66% of Groupon customers are existing customers of the business they buy the deal from.  So, if you have your own customer list you can save lots of money by simply offering the same deal directly to your existing customers  and not share the proceeds.

  3. Get more referral business.

    Once you have a customer email list, create a referral program (you already have one…right?) that automatically asks your happy customers for referrals.  Customer Lobby has an automated referral request program to make it easy!

  4. Social media is more “one-way” than you think.

    Someone reading this is thinking, isn’t Facebook an eaiser way to do this?  Can’t I simply get all of my customers to “Like” our business page and then just post updates there?  Nope.  Turns out that less than 10% of your Facebook posts show up in the Facebook feed of your fans.  That means that although social media pages can be a great place to post information that potential customers can find if they are looking for it, don’t count on your message getting in front of people if they are not specifically searching for it.

  5. 20% annual churn!

    You are thinking to yourself, ‘but I already have my customer email list’.  Not really.  The good news about your customer email list is that it is very valuable to you; the bad news is that you have to keep working at it.  Why?  Lyris, a large email marketing company, reports an average rate of 20-30% churn of email addresses.   Your customers are periodically changing their email addresses and so you have to keep asking for email addresses to keep it up to date.

Want to build your customer email list?  We can help!!  Talk with our Member Services team about how we can help you build your customer email list!

How do you build your customer email list?