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Email Marketing: What to Write

In part 1 of this post, I shared some data on one of the best ways to market online.  Although its been around for a while, 68% of internet users have a positive or neutral attitude toward receiving email marketing which makes it the best way to advertise online.

Message Matters

Why is email marketing viewed so positively?   One of the biggest reasons is that if a consumer doesn’t like your message, they simply turn off the channel (i.e.  unsubscribe from your list).  That simple reality keeps email marketers focused on sending content that their potential customers want to read.

eMarketer published a study on why people are willing to buy on email lists:

What to Write in Email Marketing

People are willing to be marketed to if you offer them specials and deals or share information that is useful.

Here are 2 ideas on what to send in your email marketing:

  1. Special offers – Build your email list by asking your customers to sign up to become “Preferred Customers” and receive periodic special offers.
  2. Share helpful information – Share some of your tips and tricks.  Teach your customers how to do some of what you do.


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