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Going After a Reviewer – The Wrong Way to Handle a Bad Review

Going after a reviewer - the wrong way to approach a bad reviewLately, there have been several news stories about business owners getting upset and even trying to take legal action against customers that post online negative reviews about their business. Last year, we wrote about Dr. Henry who did more harm to her business than was done by the initial review by going after the reviewer. More recently, Gutter King in Austin, Texas filed a lawsuit in which they are trying to go after the reviewer for allegedly making false claims.

Customer reviews seem to be getting more press attention for the simple reason that they are becoming increasingly important to small businesses. BIGresearch has determined that 92% of prospective customers research businesses online and customer reviews are a primary tool prospects use for deciding on a business. According to Marketing Sherpa, customer reviews can increase customer acquisition rates 20-87%!

On the flip side of positive reviews helping to drive more business, are small businesses reacting to bad reviews and hurting themselves. The reality is that a bad review in the context of good reviews adds credibility to the positive reviews and gives prospects more confidence in them. Moreover, positive reviews are 7 times more common than bad reviews and are also read more.

If you do get a bad review, rather than escalate the situation, handle the review appropriately and it could actually help your business thrive.

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