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Example Response III: Show not Tell

A few months back, I began a series of posts in which I feature and break down actual responses that business owners have published alongside their customer reviews. See here and here.

Owner responses have a tremendous marketing value because prospective customers actually seek out reviews as part of their buying process. Consumers would prefer to see the business owner in action engaging with an actual customer rather than reading the carefully polished “About Us” section on their website.

Instead of telling your customers who you are, show them. That is what UNITS Mobile Storage of Houston did when they responded to a 4-star review written by a customer who was ultimately satisfied but had some critiques.

What they did there, you see that?

1. They Were Accountable.

UNITS of Houston owned the criticism 100%. This is always more impressive than making excuses because it communicates a high professional standard.

2. They Conveyed Genuine Empathy.

It is clear that this company operates with an appreciation for the incredible stress their clients are often under. Merely acknowledging “moving can be a very stressful event” is one thing, but they demonstrate a much deeper level of responsiveness by referencing the customer experience: “we realize our customers have other chores to complete.”

3. They Reassure Their Prospects.

It is one thing to own the criticism, but prospective customers still need some assurance their experience will be even better. Here, UNITS Mobile Storage of Houston knocks it out of the park. They at once offer insight into the growth of their company, while simultaneously explaining how they intend to cope with the huge demand for their services.

4. They Kept it Short.

Look how much UNITS was able to convey in just 4 short sentences. This is key because large bodies of text are seldom read on the Internet. This is a unique branding opportunity, so ensure your message is read by keeping the response short.


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