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What Happy Customers Say

Drawing from the collective experience of the Customer Lobby Member Services team, I came up with a short list of frequently-mentioned factors in positive customer reviews.  

It bears repeating that high quality work and top-notch customer service remain the best means for ensuring positive customer reviews, but that’s too general to be actionable. Here are 3 points that customers of home service businesses commonly cite in their positive reviews:

1. Clean Up

If you perform home service work, such as electrical, plumbing or audio/video installation, chances are your customers are not going to know how to describe the work you performed in great detail. They will however take a mental note of you covering your shoes with plastic booties before walking on their carpet.

The effort you make to clean after yourself and prevent a mess in the first place will pay dividends when it is time for your client to write a review because it makes an impression. The average layperson is not likely to have the technical vocabulary to describe your work. They will remember your conscientiousness. This is the low-hanging fruit of affinity building.

2. Deliver on Expectations

“They did what they said they would do” is among the most frequently written sentiments we have encountered. Setting appropriate expectations is essential to ensuring a good customer experience, but it is just as important connect the dots for your clients. Make sure that the customer sees how you followed through by explaining your process.

If you quote a price upfront and the client later changes the scope of the project, make sure you communicate the cost increases in terms of the added work and value. Even if this does not always inspire a positive review, it will definitely help mitigate bad reviews.

3. Call When Running Late

If “they did what they said they would do” is the most uttered sentiment, “they were on time” is a very close second. Showing up on time is too obvious to be an action step. After all, you’re supposed to arrive on time.  What’s less obvious is the positive sentiment you engender when you call to notify your customer that you may be late.

Again, your customers are not always capable to describing the work you perform. When it’s time for them to write a review, they are going to think back to their experience interfacing with the receptionist who did the scheduling, the technicians who explained their work thoroughly, and the rep who quoted them an estimate. Besides taking extra care to clean up, these touch-points are your best opportunity to ensure positive review content.


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