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What about Bing Local?

At last check, roughly 66% of search is conducted through Google. Understandably, search engine optimization has come to mean Google optimization for many business owners. But if a third of your prospective customers are not using Google, it’s worth taking a serious look at the number two search engine – Bing.

Bing Local

Local businesses should first become acquainted with Bing Local. For most, Bing Local will look pretty familiar. Just as local businesses that index in Google Maps have Google+ Local Pages – formerly known as Google Place Pages – Bing has its equivalent. Most businesses with a physical address will find that they already have a Bing Local listing, which can be claimed through the Bing Business Portal.

Upon claiming your listing, the action steps for search optimization are, again, very similar to Google+ Local. Recommended steps include filling out the profile to completion; adding photos; ensuring name, address, and phone number are accurate; and building citations. For a more comprehensive breakdown of these action steps, check out this helpful introduction to Bing Local Optimization.

Bing Reviews

The first thing you need to know about Bing reviews is that there is no such thing. Instead of hosting their own reviews like Google+ Local, Bing Local listings display review snippets and ratings pulled from third-party review sites. While Bing’s partnership with Yelp! has been widely publicized, Bing Local listings also draw reviews content from Citysearch.

Bing Local listing with Citysearch reviews:

Bing Mobile App

Local Search is increasingly being conducted on mobile devices. Fresh from last week’s Local Social Summit, BrightLocal.com CEO Myles Anderson had two interesting pieces of data to share on the subject:

  • Mobile Internet usage to surpass desktop Internet usage in 2014
  • 50% of smartphone users have used a local app

While it is anyone’s guess what the shift toward mobile search means for Google’s dominance in the long run, Apple’s latest iteration of their iphone operating system, ios6, does not support the Google Maps app. In its place, Apple trotted out its own competing maps app, to which the response has been resoundingly negative. With no Google Maps app and Apple’s own product struggling, Bing’s iphone app presents a compelling alternative.

In recognition of the void left by Apple and Google, tech experts have taken a closer look at the Bing iphone app as a viable alternative. Geeksugar.com, for example, published an article detailing six features that make Bing standout in the maps race. In fact, Apple themselves endorsed the Bing app as an alternative in their public apology letter. A move that is credited with precipitating an uptick in interest in the Bing iphone app.

Aside from optimizing for search in the second most popular search engine, Bing Local optimization also bears the potential to leverage mobile search. As you can see below, reviews make Bing Local listings more competitive in app searches as well.

A local business listing in the Bing iphone app:

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  1. Bing Local is terrible I have a company and I also pay for Bing Ads but on the Bing local under painting contractors if a possible customer is looking for a local painter they will find nail salons and furniture stores and plastering company’s way before seeing my ad which is really unfair and I tried to do the live chat and I had a better response talking with my Alaskan Husky sitting next to me, there are also company’s in front of me no longer in business how about that real professional!!!!

  2. Looking for a good local business listing site for business inventory, barcode tracking, and equipment rental software company in New Jersey, http://rental software.biz/
    Is Bing Local the best option?

  3. While bing is still behind Google I do think they are smart for pulling reviews from multiple places. It lets the customer use their review platform of choice and gives the reviews we get more exposure.

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