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Blogging for Trust

Internet marketers are big proponents of blogging for the SEO benefits. A well-executed blogging strategy can help a business rank well for searches that match keywords strategically-placed in a blog post’s title, headings, and within the the body.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the web pages being optimized are the respective blog posts themselves, so it won’t suffice to write a bunch of keyword-rich gibberish. That is not really the first impression you would want to make on a prospective customer.

The content of the blog matters. For industries that require a greater need for trust, such as auto repair, legal and home services, a blog can be an effective means for providing prospective customers with a more personal introduction to the person with whom they will be doing business.

A blog then serves as a key point of differentiation from competitors, because the more a prospective client knows about the technician, attorney, or contractor they aim to hire, the more trust is engendered. Here are a few tips for personalizing blog posts:

1. Be a Person

Even if you are not the technician or representative who will be interfacing directly with the customer, as blog author, you are serving as the ambassador of your brand. Your perspective on quality and service are expected to be the standard that guides the entire company. As much as possible, get out from behind the logo, and show a real person. Make it clear who is authoring the blog. And to that end, a photo of the author goes a long way.

2. Google Authorship

Take adding a photo to your blog one step further with Google Authorship. Google will now allow blog authors to mark up their blog posts in a way that link the content to their Google account or Google+ Page. This will cause the profile photo of the blog author to appear with search engine results for each blog post. See here:

3. Content Strategy

Possibly the most overlooked value of a blog post is conversion. While, it is not an exact science, the more your prospects know you, the more likely they will be to select you over an anonymous competitor. This may not be true for all industries, but imagine you are hiring a contractor to do extensive work in your home.

Three qualities you should strive to express in each blog post are your passion for the subject, your expertise, and also your general likability — be the kind of guy your prospects can be comfortable working with. We have already established that you can attach your image to the content with Google Authorship, now it is time to associate these qualities to your image.

4. Be Natural

So, think of the qualities you seek to convey, and express them honestly and naturally. I know a lot of small business owners are reluctant to get started with blogging because they do not think the have the skills to produce polished marketing copy. But, that the whole idea. No one wants to read that. You are writing the blog to overcome trust hurtles, so it is imperative that the content is from you.


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