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Will Santa Bring You Presence?

It feels like almost every week, there is some new marketing tool that local businesses “should” use to get new customers.  Assuming that you can’t do everything, its helpful to know  the 2-3 best ways of getting new customers.

Using Google Surveys, Mike Blumenthal recently ran a survey (the results are available here) looking at how a consumer might choose a specialty lawyer.  Although the results are specific to that industry, they point to conclusions that are applicable for many local service businesses.

Web Presence

Maybe the most interesting part of this survey came in response to the question #2: what is most important when searching on the internet?  Google reviews? Nope.  Yelp reviews? No.  Company website? Not that.  Facebook endorsements?  Guess again.  The winner was…

“Information about them elsewhere on the internet.”

Said another way, Web Presence.

How do you know what your current web presence looks like?  Simply type your company name into Google and check out the 10 results on page 1.  That is the #1 thing your prospects are looking for.  Here is an article on how to build your web presence.

We hope you get the best presence ever!  Happy Holidays!


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