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Learn to Love Typos in Reviews

For small business owners, there is nothing like getting a new five-star review. Long, detailed reviews are especially gratifying because they’re packed full of details attesting to those extra efforts that too often go unrecognized.

That kind of public recognition obviously helps small businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors, but at a more basic level, the reviews just feel good. For that reason, many business owners I speak with read each new review they get. Positive reviews fuel their motivation.

However, I have come across many business owners who are dismayed by typos, spelling, and grammar errors in their reviews. I have even seen reviewers asked to take down or edit their reviews for containing innocuous grammar mistakes, even though the reviews were readily understandable.

My advice is don’t sweat the typos. In fact, learn to love them.

Reviews are not supposed to read like polished marketing copy because they are not. Reviews are the natural sentiments of everyday people, not writers and marketers. That’s the difference between a review and a testimonial — testimonials are ads and reviews are a valued resource for consumers.

Consumers seek out reviews, not ads. So when savvy review readers encounter a reviews page filled with perfectly-written testimonials, they may second-guess the validity of the content. Surprisingly, those typos actually add value because the more apparent it is that your reviews were written by real customers, the more likely it is that your prospective customers will continue reading.

So while it is natural to want your best marketing asset to be perfect, it’s important to remember that reviews are only an asset because they are not perfect.


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