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How to Get More Customer Reviews Online

Most places on the web on which consumers can leave reviews require those consumers to go through the process of creating accounts to leave a review.  In fact, less than 40% of the customers of a typical local business have an account from which they could write a review online.

A Google Example

Local business often want to build their review count on Google Plus.  Some local businesses ask many of their customers to write a review for them on Google.  But the experience for the vast majority of  those customers is terrible.

The vast majority of the internet-using population does not have a Google Plus account.  So if they get all the way to the point of being willing to write you a review and actually go to your Google Plus page and click here:

Google write a review


This is what they get:

Google Create Account

Would you complete the form?  Very few customers are willing to go through the hassle of creating a new Google/Yelp/etc. account simply to write a review of your business.

Create a 100% Solution

Inviting all of your customers to write a review on Google is like saying you want to direct the majority of your customers to have a failed experience.  Create a solution to enable 100% of your customers to write a review for you.

Customer Lobby also makes it easy to enable 100% of a business’ customers to leave a review.  When you use our review invitation tool, we already know who your customer is and they do not need to create an account.

The result: more reviews in more places more often.


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  1. Good post Ted. Here’s what I’ve had success with – use OpinionAmp. OpinionAmp gets reviews from my real customers and takes those reviews to the culture and target audience we’re trying to reach with our product. It’s been a wonderful experience – incredibly positive results!