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Building A Trustworthy Reviews Page

Whether they like it or not, businesses everywhere are coming to terms with the fact that their prospective clients are consuming customer reviews as part of the purchasing decision. trust2Thus, it is crucial that business owners invest in the management of their online reviews as a way to differentiate their business from top competitors.

So, how can this be done? First, integrate a process for capturing customer reviews into your everyday business functions, and keep at it. A page with reviews posted on a consistent basis will be more trusted by your prospects as well as the major search engines. Your prospects want to see a solid track record.

Compiling a large number of reviews will give your potential clients more confidence in your average star rating, so focus on getting more reviews. Your large compilation of reviews will give the reader more assurance in the handful of reviews they choose to read.

Make sure to always request reviews from your recent customers, as they are more likely to leave a thorough report of their experience. The more detailed your reviews are, the more believable they will be when read.

Negative reviews add validity to your reviews page. Always post a comment on negative reviews to show that you are engaged and willing to make the extra effort to resolve any client’s issue. Have negative reviews? We can help you formulate an impactful comment.

Lastly, reviews are more impactful when they are on multiple 3rd party sites (Google, Customer Lobby, Bing Local, Citysearch, Mapquest….). To learn more about how we help businesses generate reviews and syndicate them around the web, request a demo with one of our experts.


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