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MSNBC Web Site of the Week: Customer Lobby

Yesterday, MSNBC selected Customer Lobby as its Web Site of the Week!

MSNBC’s JJ Ramberg got it right – “customer reviews and referrals are a huge generator of potential growth.” As Ms. Ramberg said, “If you are looking to turn your biggest fans into a marketing asset, check out our web site of the week: Customer Lobby.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Thanks JJ and thanks MSNBC!


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  1. Short but sweet. The newscaster could have said a lot more about the importance of what CL does for business, but that was a good start! Nice to see you guys get recognized.

  2. RockAuto.com has used Customer Lobby to collect 10,000+ customer surveys over the past couple of years. We like the service and more importantly, our customers like it.

  3. Customer Lobby has been the greatest asset to our business.All my customers now started as prospective customers from customer lobby reviews.The best investment we have ever made

  4. Customer lobby has been a great asset to out site. People are appreciating us holding ourselves accountable to our clients right out in the open. It really helps new comers to out site trust us. Thanks for a great affordable product.

    Aaron Semmens

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