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Google Local Carousel: Hint of the Future?

Google just keeps on changing.  As soon as you think you understand Google Maps, it becomes Google Places…. then Google+…. then Google+Local.  So is “Entity Search” the next evolution?  [as an aside, this is a great video for those of you interested in a primer on the evolution of search engines.]

A few weeks ago, Google released its latest UI update for local search results:  the local carousel.  As of the time I am writing this, the carousel is only displaying for selected industries and in selected geographies.  But this may be a hint of the future of search results in the Google-verse.   Google is displaying results for 13 entities in a visually appealing interface enabling users to quickly scan and click between results while not having to navigate backwards.

For now, the information displayed in the carousel is limited but get ready for lots of testing and potentially more data being displayed here.  Ensure you have a GREAT picture uploaded to your Google+ page and keep building reviews.

Google Local Carousel 1
(click to see a larger image)


The vast majority of the screen is “owned” Google property and not organic results.  The “owned” property includes the carousel, the map and, most importantly, the ads.  In most of the carousels I have looked at, only a few organic results were displayed above the fold.

When you click on an individual result, the carousel remains.  Note the difference between these 2 images….the ads.  How long until all of your competitors buy ads on your business name as keywords?

 Google Local Carousel 2
(click to see a larger image)

Customer Lobby Clients

Great news for Customer Lobby clients, notice that the first page of results is nearly all reviews directories.  You have to love those stars!

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