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Never Done

We are all entrepreneurs – the assembly line worker in Detroit; the hacker-with-a-dream working at his kitchen table; the stay-at-home mom managing a household; the contractor at the job site.  We help someone do something.  We invest our time and energy to help a cause greater than ourselves.  We manage a team – sometimes just ourselves and sometimes much larger.


We all want to be happy.  Too often, happiness seems to be just over the next hill.  But, most of us eventually find out that our happiness doesn’t come from getting the next thing (job, money, possession, relationship, etc.) on the hedonic treadmill.  It comes from helping people.

But I hear regularly from entrepreneurs who want it to be done.  We want the work day to be done; we want the job to be done; we want to hit it big and be DONE; we want to move on because we think that next thing will make us happier.  That is a wasted opportunity.

Each moment offers us the opportunity to be happier than the last simply by finding a way to help others.  As you work today, think  about tending a garden that will always need more help rather than finishing a job.



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