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Leveraging YouTube

As was mentioned in a past post to the Customer Lobby blog, internet marketers are big advocates of blogging for the purpose of SEO benefit. Hopefully by now you have taken the simple steps to create a blog and are looking for the next best way to boost SEO as well as conversion of online traffic.
A great way to improve your company visibility in local search is through YouTube Optimization. As is the case with a blog, creating a perfectly polished piece of marketing collateral is not what is most important. The production quality of the video is not what your prospects are after.

Content and the way in which that information is communicated is what will cause your viewers to watch the full video and share it with friends. We know that how-to videos are watched more than strictly promotional videos. So, use your video as a way to educate your audience, introduce them to your business and establish yourself as an expert worth trusting.

Once you have created your video there are a handful of extremely valuable actions you can take to deliver more ranking potential for your company. Check out these 10 Tips For Using YouTube To Kill At Local Seo, by Chris Silver Smith.


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