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Where Do Customers Come From?

How did your new customers find you?  Did they see an ad?  Were they referred by a friend?  Did they find you online?   Did they see your storefront?

I am willing to bet that everyone reading this has asked customers these questions.  The challenge is that the answer is complex because there is almost never a single answer.  Consumers of services and products use a variety of online and offline sources before a making a decision to purchase.  The purchase funnel is no longer a linear path:



I was at a local search conference last week and one of the speakers suggested that consumers are likely to look at 4 to 10 different pieces of information about a business or product before making a decision.

“I found you on Google.”

Pause for a second …..

“I found you on Google.” ….what does that mean?  A friend mentioned your company name so I Googled it?  I was searching for reviews and your name popped up?  A read a review of your company on Facebook so I Googled it?  I saw an ad for your business so I Googled it to learn more?

For many local businesses, they assume that “I found you on Google” means that someone entered some keywords into a search box, scrolled through the results and clicked on the home page of their business.   Increasingly, this happens less and less.

How Are Customers Finding My Web Page?

Here is how to tell how people are getting to your web pages.

  1. Go to your Google Analytics account.  If you don’t have one, curse your web designer, go here and tell them to install the code onto your web pages.
  2. Go to Traffic Sources >> Overview
  3. Click through the links that look like this:

Traffic Sources Overview Google Analytics

Some people found your site through search, some by typing in your web page (direct) and some by clicking a link on another website that brought them to your page (referral).  If you have not spent some time with these reports, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

WARNING:  Google is about to take away the keyword data!!  As you will likely see in the Keyword data, the vast majority is likely to be “(not provided)”.  You can read about why here and here.  Copy this data down now while you still have access to some of it.

Suggested Next Step

Now that you know how your prospects are finding your business, how do you get more of them?  Build your web presence.



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