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3 Marketing Blogs Worthy of Bookmarking

In my ongoing effort to keep my finger on the pulse of digital marketing, I have become a fan of certain blogs that consistently churn out useful and informative content. While round ups are typically reserved for end-of-the-year “best of” posts, I felt it was worth creating a very short list of prolific contributors in the digital marketing space. I consider the following blogs and bloggers essential resources:




Greg Sterling’s bio describes him as an analyst focused on the “Internet’s impact on offline consumer behavior.” As a longtime reader with a special interest in online-to-offline marketing, I can attest that Greg Sterling is certainly a thought-leader on that subject and more. Screenwerk is the first blog I go to when I want to learn more about new trends in Internet marketing for local, especially pertaining to mobile.

When I mentioned “prolific contributors” above, I actually had Greg Sterling in mind. Few bloggers, on any subject, can produce as many quality pieces so regularly. One of my favorites: Reviews, Recommendations Trump Other Media, Ads for Consumer Trust


    Understanding Google Places & Local Search



Mike Blumenthal is such an authority on Google Local, he is actually recognized as a top contributor on the Google Support Forum. From trouble-shooting known issues to identifying new trends as they first appear in “the wild” of Google SERPs, Mike has established himself as the definitive go-to-guy for all things Google Local, including to issues pertaining to spam reviews.

Mike Blumenthal’s blog is a resource that local businesses and their marketing surrogates should reference the moment they have a question related to Google Maps or Google+ local. If Mike does not have the answer, he will investigate the question in a blog post and foster a dialogue in the comments section. More than most bloggers, Mike promotes meaningful discourse in the comments section, which is where many of the answers arise.





While SiteVisibility is fantastic blog in itself, their Internet Marketing podcast is what truly sets them apart. Aside from being jam-packed with actionable information, the guys at SiteVisibility have learned how to produce a highly entertaining podcast featuring a seemingly endless range of topics.

Ultimately, what sets SiteVisibility apart is the incredibly comprehensive scope of their coverage. Podcast episodes span topics including , Content Marketing, Google Analytics Analysis, and Mobile Marketing for Beginners.


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