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How to Add Video to Your Website

If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth a million.

Video helps to quickly explain complex concepts in fun and interesting ways.  Spend some time looking at your statistics from Google Analytics and you quickly figure out that its hard to get people to engage with your content.  Video helps.  Customer Lobby decided to add video to our site to explain what we do and why it matters to local businesses.

How We Did It

  1. Decide what type of video best fits the company: animation, whiteboard or a more traditional corporate video. We wanted a video that was a little lighthearted (i.e. more likely to be watched) so we chose animation.
  2. Choose a vendor.  The point of a video is to explain – from your customers point of view – what your business does and why its awesome.  Working with a 3rd party helped us to get outside of our own heads and explain our company from a customers point of view.  We looked at +10 possible vendors; interviewed 3 and chose Mindbug Studios.
  3. Refine the script.  Having now been through the process, I recognize how keeping someone’s attention requires us to get to the point right away.  My suggestion is to start with the problem you are solving and state your solution as directly as possible.  Oh yeah, and keep it short.
  4. Get a rough mock up of the video.  This was an important step because it was really the first time we were able to provide direct feedback to the video producer.  In addition, the mock up was used in step 5 below.
  5. [Pro Tip] Test it.  One of the reasons we chose the vendor we did was their suggestion of making revisions based on actual feedback from a target audience.  To do this, we (1) posted the mock up of the video on Youtube; (2) signed up for 1 month of Survey Monkey; and (3) ran a survey to a targeted audience that we were able to purchase through Survey Monkey.  For a few hundred dollars, we had actionable feedback from a targeted focus group that were all potential customers.
  6. Build it.  With the feedback in hand, we made a few changes to the script and flow of the video and then asked the vendor to build it.  A few weeks later…
  7. Launch!  Our goal was to create an easy way for someone to understand what service we offer without having to wade through our entire site.  We linked our video directly to our home page where it now captures 10-15% of our new visitors.

So how do you think we did?


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