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How to Sell Anything Better

I came across a great online ebook on how to create a great presentation.  There are a lot of great ideas in here if you think about any complex sale process as a presentation.

Any time a product or service is sold (not bought but sold), the sales person (or sales material) is leading the prospect through an emotional arc that looks something like this:


Resonate   Crossing the Threshold

Customer as “Hero on Epic Quest”

Your prospects have their own problems to solve.  Hopefully, you can help them.  When its done well, the role of a sales person is like Yoda helping Luke Skywalker.  By approaching prospects with the attitude of being a guide in their quest, the possibility is created of a long-term relationship.

Here area a few key ideas to help you be a better Yoda:

  1. Prospects are skeptical and resistant to change for a good reason so be empathetic.  If you are selling something, you are advocating change of some type and change is hard.  Even if your product or service is a huge help, change from the status quo is hard.  The right response is empathy.  Understand that even if someone wants the results you are promising, change is never fun.
  2. Its going to get worse before it gets better so plan small wins throughout the process.  You know this but your prospects don’t really get it.  Implementing your product or service is going to create challenges.  The best sales people plan small wins throughout the sales process.  These “tastes of success” come in many flavors.  Don’t leave them to chance.
  3. Understand your role. It helps your sales process if your prospect can see a little of the magic in what you do.  More importantly, they need to know that you know the answers and  will be there to guide them through the process.  Some heros need lots of help and some don’t need any.  The important part if for them to know that you are there to help.


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