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Facebook Reviews (Yes, it’s a thing)

About two months ago, when no one was looking, Facebook released a new reviews product for business pages. And, it’s already catching on.

If you are an active Facebook user, and according to Pew Research Center you are, then you have likely already encountered star ratings atop a local business’s Facebook page. These ratings from Facebook users can also accompany reviews, which are located in a section on the right side of business pages.

To be eligible, your Facebook business page must include a physical address, so like Yelp, the Facebook reviews product appears targeted specifically for local businesses.

It is worth noting that just because a business has a rating, they may not necessarily have corresponding reviews. This is because Facebook allows users to just leave ratings and call it a day. No review required.

If you do not want Facebook reviews, you can go actually disable the functionality by removing your business address.
Ratings appear at the top of business pages:

albert nehaman


Corresponding reviews can be found in a “reviews” section on the right side of the page:

write a review


Ratings appear in the thumbnail images of pages:




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