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Why I Love My Job (and how you can love yours)

I love my job.  Like everyone else, I have some tasks that I prefer to do more than others.   But my love of my work has little to do with the tasks I do and a lot to do with how I choose to work.

Everyone can love their job.  Here is how I do it:

Know that I am truly helping customers.

I am convinced that people cannot be happy unless they are helping other people.  By knowing that my efforts help others, I greatly improve my likelihood of being happy and loving my job.

The definition of “customer” might be your company’s end customer or simply someone else in your company.  Also, depending on the job I am doing, “helping” can mean lots of things.  What is important in this context is to know that your efforts are helpful to someone.

Work with happy people.

In fairness, this is a great luxury for me and is not available in all companies/jobs.  The happy people at our company is not an accident.  One of our company’s key hiring criteria is that the person be basically  happy.  When looking for a job, make the extra effort to find out if the people at the company are happy people.

If you are a leader in your company, do yourself a favor and only hire happy people.  This will save a lot of trouble later on.

Invent better ways of doing things.

Everyone in every job has this opportunity. Inventing better ways of doing things is not a job title, its a mentality.  And, its a very valuable mentality.  If you want to be valued by your boss, be one of those people who is always looking for ways to do something better, cheaper, faster.

This one idea has the power to change lives.  I am stunned how often people feel trapped by circumstance.  Inventing improvements, even very small ways, is a habit everyone can learn and benefit from.  Once you are in the habit of creating improvements, you can choose your own circumstances with ease.  Free your imagination!

Help co-workers succeed.

Helping my co-workers fills me with pride. I get a huge kick out of seeing the people I work with succeed.  Being an entrepreneur, I know that people who join our company will eventually leave (move, take another job, retire, etc.).  When they do, I want them to feel like our company propelled them forward in their life.  That attitude is contagious.  Regardless of what your job is, you can decide to have that attitude with all of your co-workers.  Try it, you will love it.

Keep learning.

Learning is the gift that keeps on giving.  By learning about my job every day, I continue to be interested in it.

Are you not interested enough in your job to learn about it?  Learn about another job/industry then change jobs.

Too busy at work?  Spend 15 minutes at night learning about your industry, competitors, your job, other jobs in your industry.  20+ years ago, learning was much harder because the availability of information was more limited.  The Internet has transformed everyone’s opportunity to learn.




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