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Facebook Paper: How Your Business Can Benefit

On Monday, Facebook released Paper, its new mobile app for the iPhone.   You are going to want to download this because all the cool kids will be talking about it.   Oh yeah, its also beautiful and great to use.

Facebook Paper

Facebook Matters

Facebook is the largest social network online.  Over 40% of US adults have a Facebook account.  The majority of Facebook’s users access the site via mobile.  Facebook matters and mobile matters so when Facebook releases a new app that could replace how your potential customers consume a couple different types of information (news and Facebook updates for now), companies should pay attention.

This new app is gorgeous.   After you download it, you will be prompted to select a series of sections you want for your app.  Think of a section much like you think of sections of a newspaper.   By default, your Facebook feed is always the first section but you can change that by “down swiping” and selecting Edit Sections.  You can include sections like: Headlines, Tech, Enterprise (business), Scores (sports), Ideas, Ideas, Planet, Creators, etc.  Each section has its own news feed that enables you to read through stories related to that section.

My thoughts after using it for a few days:

  • Its gorgeous
  • Its easy to use
  • Its a  much better experience than the existing Facebook mobile app
  • Its going to be a very popular app

How Your Business Can Benefit

As of now, there are no ads in Facebook Paper.  However, as a public company looking to monetize its user base, you can bet that the ad units are on their way.  Until then, you need to be a bit more resourceful.  Here is how:

Step One:  Post on your company’s Facebook page. Specifically, post something with a great picture.  Facebook’s Paper is very picture focused.  There are, as of now, no published metrics on shares/clicks on Paper but I would bet strongly that we will see a high correlation between clicks/likes/shares from Paper and posts with great pictures.  Pictures matter…a lot.

Step Two:  As of now, there are only 2 ways that your post has a chance of being seen by someone on Paper: (1) that person has already ‘Liked’ your company page; or (2) one of that person’s friends has ‘Liked’ that post.  This is where it gets a little interesting.  Although you cannot yet buy ads (Promoted Posts in Facebook-speak) that will appear on Paper, you can buy ads in Facebook desktop and Facebook mobile app.  If someone then ‘Likes’ your post via the mobile app or the website, that post has a chance of showing in their friends Paper feed.   Remember, if you are paying to promote your posts in Facebook, you can target those ads to the people in your geography.

Happy posting!




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