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Hard to Get Customer Reviews? Here is Why

Have you ever wondered why its so tough to get your customers to write you a review?


Email sent by a business to one of its customers is opened 18.5% (average for U.S. based services businesses) of the time.  Once it is opened, the link contained in the email (e.g. link to a page onto which the consumer could write a review), is clicked on average 2.6% of the time.  Depending on which study you look at (here and here are good ones), these numbers can be higher or lower but they provide a good starting point.

Now, suppose that you capture email addresses for 50% of your customers and that you send an email to ALL customers after you complete work for them.  In that case, you should expect:

18.5%  x  2.6%  x  50%  =  0.2% of your customers to get to a page to write a review.

That means that for every 1,000 customers you have, you would get 2 reviews.

Its actually a little worse than that because most customers who land on a page on which they can write a review but do not have an account on that system simply leave.  For example,  Google, Yelp, Angies’ List combined have less than 30% market coverage.  That means that those 2 reviews you were hoping for from 1,000 customers is actually 0 or 1 review.  Ouch.

How to Get More Customer Reviews

Here are some great ideas to help you get more customer reviews (Andrew Shotland also mentioned some of these ideas):

  • Invite reviews using more than just email requests.  Customer Lobby’s members have access to  customer calls (highest percentage of review capture), mobile/kiosk review stations, and  handwritten review forms.  Combine many different forms of email request to get your best outcome.
  • Collect more email addresses from customers.  If you are sending out requests for a review using email, the more people you ask, the more likely you are to get a response.
  • Let them know its coming.  By simply letting your customers know that you would appreciate a review and that you will send them a follow up note, we have seen companies increase their review capture rate by 50%.
  • Send a reminder a few days later.  Customer Lobby automatically sends out a follow up request for a review.  This second email has a much higher rate of converting into a review.  People get busy and sometimes a reminder really helps.
  • Automate it.  In my experience, things that are not automated tend not to get done over time.  Customer Lobby now offers the ability to fully automate review requests by linking your billing software with Customer Lobby.  We will automatically reach out to your customer to ask for a review when a job is completed.

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