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I don’t often pitch another company’s product but this is a good exception. moz

If you are in charge of managing the online presence of a local business, it is hard to imagine why you would not buy the new Moz Local product.  At $49/location per year, its 10 times cheaper than Yext and half the price of UBL.  Of course, you could do this yourself, but …. oh snap… its actually cheaper than doing it yourself.

There is a video here that explains what they do and why you should do it.  At a minimum, here is a tool to check out your data match for free.  Two days ago, Andrew Shotland wrote a review of this product that provides a very helpful view of its capabilities and shortcomings.

My Incentive

No, we are not making any money from recommending this product but that is not to say that we don’t have an incentive in recommending it.  One of the cool parts of our product is the ability to syndicate your reviews to multiple 3rd party review sites.  However, to make syndication work, the name/address/phone/website of your business location needs to be accurate and complete across the multiple sites to which we syndicate the reviews.  The better your data match (this is the stuff that Moz Local fixes), the better our product works for you.  Help us help you and sign up for Moz Local.

If you know another good way to manage NAP data, please post it in the comments.  We are happy to pass on helpful news.

To my friends at Moz Local (David, I am talking to you), this is a fantastic addition to the local business online marketing tool kit.  Congratulations!


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