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2 Destructive Thoughts for Entrepreneurs to Avoid

If you are an entrepreneur (its a mind-state not a job function/title), there are 2 categories of thought that are subtly destructive:

  1. I have a destination (e.g. rich, famous, successful, etc.).
  2. I am already there.

Its easier to understand how the second item above is destructive.  When when we think we are already there, complacency sets in.  Complacency seeps through organizations like a virus and its just as hard to get rid of.  When a challenge (competitor, changing product, etc.) for your business arises, complacency insures your inability to react.

The more subtly destructive though is “I have a destination.'”  But wait, isn’t this what we were all taught?  To have a goal and chase it?  The destructive part is not the chase, its the focus on a particular destination.  Self-focused destinations take the deep happiness out of the chase and makes it less likely that we can see it to the end.

Be happy.  Enjoy the chase.


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