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First Negative Review From a Customer

We just got our first negative review from a (paying) customer.  Bummer!

screamBut having written about how to deal with negative reviews, I get the chance to eat my own dog food.

Here is the review.

Anatomy of Response

Step 1:  Own the issue.  Regardless of what actually happened, the first step in my response was to “own the issue”.  Yes sir, Mr. Customer, we missed your phone call and it is our fault.   The worst thing I could have done at this point in the response is to give in to the temptation to set the record straight or tell my side of the story.

Step 2: Describe how future customers will not have the same issue.  This is the most critical part of the response to a negative review.  In this case, it is reasonably straight forward.  I simply said that this almost never happens but when it does, we will respond ASAP.

Step 3:  Offer to fix the issue (optional).  Again, in this case, it was easy.  The issue was not hard to deal with.  I helped with the issue on the phone and mentioned that I did so in the review response.  This step is, however, not nearly as important as the prior 2 steps.

So how did we do?  What would you do better?

The Result

I have been waiting for YEARS to get a negative review.  Why?  Have a look at this page.  What is wrong with this picture? Too many good reviews make it look like its totally fake. Negative reviews add credibility to positive reviews.  This negative review helps the credibility of our reviews page enormously.


A FREE Offer to Everyone

If  you have a negative review, regardless of being a customer of Customer Lobby, we want to help you.  Contact us and we can help you craft a response to your negative review.  For free.

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