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It’s Not Rocket Science, It’s Just Work

The CEO of another software company reached out to me this past week and, in describing what he does (and to some extent, what we do), he noted, “it’s not rocket science.”

rocket science

He is right, of course – it’s not rocket science.  It’s *just* work.  But I think what he was trying to imply (things that aren’t rocket science aren’t hard or special) is dead wrong.

Quick Test

Here is a quick test:  Can you name 3 things that are totally unique to your business?  3 things that no other company offers?  Not 3 things in combination but 3 items, each of which is totally unique to your company?  I doubt it.

That is REALLY hard to do for just about any bushiness.  But that does not diminish the uniqueness or value of your business.  Instead it points to the fact that what makes your business unique and competitive is not the sum of its (non)differentiated parts.

What makes enables a business or an individual to win day after day in highly a competitive market is a commitment to do your absolute best for those you serve every day.

Reputation Marketing Starts Here

Reputation marketing starts with the idea that you have a reputation worth marketing.    It starts with a commitment to provide a great service/product.

Do you have a reputation worth marketing?  Let us help!

It’s not rocket science.  But it is a lot of work.


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