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Are You Reading This?! Part I of How to Capture Your Online Audience

Back in April, media organization NPR played a little prank on its Facebook followers with this post, proving that a snazzy image and a gripping headline really do get a lot of attention.

Often, all of the attention readers want to give.


So, how do you make sure your online package packs a punch sans information overload? For both of our sakes, I’ll make this brief:

  • Know your Web audience and put yourself in those shoes.  Your prospects need service, you provide service. To polish up this practical reality a little, aim for a website design that answers visitors’ questions while also proving why YOU are a cut above the rest.
  • Don’t be afraid to use images. “Too much of a good thing” can definitely apply here, but having a gallery of previous projects you’ve done, people you’ve worked with (if they’re okay with it, of course), or some choice before-and-after photos gives visitors stronger confidence in what your service can provide them. Plus, you can break up intimidating text blocks.
  • Your reviews are ready for their close up. Did you know I was going to say that? Just remember that 88% of today’s consumers trust online reviews from other customers to the same degree they trust personal recommendations when choosing businesses. Get consistently updated and verified reviews from your valued customers, then put that content in a visible location on your website (like on the right-hand panel over there –>). You did the work, now let the reviews work for you.

I’ll be making a miniseries out of this topic, as I feel it’s a hugely important one that is often either taken for granted or played up as more complicated than it needs to be. For now, take a moment to look over your website. Would YOU give yourself a call for service?

Thanks for reading.


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