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How to Fix a Bad Review

A bad review is almost inevitable

First, let’s cover some basics:

BUT…, if you are in business long enough to matter, you are going to get some bad reviews.

Fix a Bad Review

Fixing a bad review is generally very simple.  Here is some basic advice that works.  But before you begin, stop.

If your business just got a bad review, you are likely to be unhappy and feel attacked.  That is not a good mind-state to begin this process.  Give your self some time to get this right

As hard as it might be, you must find (or fake) a real sense of understanding about the issue that the reviewer wrote about (i.e. compassion) and you need to be sorry enough about what happened to find a way to make sure it doesn’t happen again (i.e. contrition).


This must-read article will hopefully inspire you before you begin.

P.S.  We have and will continue to offer free help to anyone that wants help in crafting a response to a negative review – just call us.


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  1. I have had several reviews, inaccurate reviews that are not from customers, for a different company etc. I have reached out to Yelp countless times for help and have never been able to resolve or “Fix” these reviews.

  2. I have been in business since 1977. I am a one man VW restoration expert. I personally know every customer. I received a negative review a few years back on YELP from a fake customer. I responded back to the fake customer asking for a work order ( receipt). He never responded. I have had several good reviews but YELP continues to put the bad review near the top and hides the good reviews. YELP sucks !!

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