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Clicking Through

According to recent research, as much as 71.33% of all Google searches culminate in a click on the first page of results. Said another way: Someone looked something up in Google, then clicked a link on the first page without looking any further. Apparently, Google did its job and they were compelled to click-through.

Even more important isn’t when they click, but where they click. It turns out, that 71.33% only includes Google organic search results. So, rather than clicking ads or Local listings, the overwhelming majority of people click the first 5 Google organic search results.

There are three main types of search results on the Google results page: 1. Ads, 2. Organic Search Results, 3. Local Listings


Google Search Results


The big takeaway for small businesses is that their web properties in Google organic search results yield the greatest click-through rate. On average, a business’s own website and third-party web properties, such as reviews pages, are generating the vast majority of search traffic from organic search results.


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