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How would you know if you had a new Google review?

Google My Business App on Android (iOS coming soon!)

Up until today, your only choices were to:

  1. Google your company name and look
  2. Log into your Google My Business account and look
  3. Sign up for a review monitoring service

Said another way, you either had to remember to do it (i.e. not going to happen that often for most busy entrepreneurs) or pay someone to Google for you (i.e. seems like a waste of money to me).


Yesterday Google announced that  they were updating their Google My Business App with real time alerts when you get a new review and the ability to respond to reviews while still in the app.  Awesome!  Finally!!

 Mike Blumenthal also noted that Google has a feature to Enable or Disable Google Review Notifications without the mobile app through the settings in your Google My Business page.  Using this feature, the business owner is supposed to be alerted to a new review via an email. However, after spending some time on the phone with Google support staff, I found out that this feature is not available and that the page on Google’s site has not yet been taken down.

Action Step For You

If you have an Android device, go here and download/update your app.

If you have an iOS device, go here and download your app.  *This feature is not yet available in the iOS app so if you download it today, look for the automatic update prompt in the next few days and update when its next available.



Mike Blumenthal just responded to my post and is checking with his Google sources but he believes that Review Notifications via desktop are going to be enabled over the next few days.  I will update this here if I learn more on this.


It is fixed.  Go here to Enable or Disable Google Review Notifications.


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