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Facebook Reviews: How and Why to Take Advantage of This New Platform

For a little over a year now, Facebook has quietly ventured into the online reviews world by allowing its 1.3 billion (and growing) active users to not only “like” a local business page, but to also give them a star rating on a scale of one to five. Businesses can use this new feature to get more reviews across the Web and as a tool for building their presence online.

Benefits of Getting Reviews on Facebook

Facebook reviews have some unique benefits for both businesses and users. For one, the site already has a massive user base, meaning it’s likely customers are already account holders. (Fun Fact: Active users spend, on average, 40 minutes a day on the site). And since so many are already familiar with using the social media site, it isn’t a big stretch to ask them for a star rating, especially since checking in and liking pages has become part of today’s social norm.

Once someone rates a business on Facebook, the social nature of the site will cause the review to appear in the News Feeds of others and can help other users discover a new business, leading to greater brand awareness for the company.

What to Do If You Get a Negative Review

Like any other review platform, however, there’s always the possibility of getting a negative review.

While negative reviews are inevitable, it’s important to manage them as quickly as possible. The ability for page administrators to comment on Facebook reviews is the application’s newest function.

We’ve written extensively about how to respond to negative reviews in the past, and those guidelines can also apply to Facebook reviews. A short and empathetic comment on a negative review owning the issue and describing how it has been resolved will not only appeal to the reviewer, but will earn you the  trust of prospective customers.

How to Enable Facebook Reviews

To enable Facebook reviews, which are currently only available to businesses with physical addresses, you’ll first have to make sure your business is categorized as a local business. To do this, click About under your business name and then select Page Info. One you’re listed as a local business, click to edit your address. You’ll see a box that, if checked, will display a map, check-ins, and star ratings on your business’s Facebook profile.

When reviewing a business on Facebook, users are only required to give the business a star rating. Writing any details about the experience is optional and the user can choose who sees it, thought the default setting is public. The average star rating is then displayed on the business’s Facebook page below the company’s name, though it’s worth noting only public ratings are factored into the overall rating.

Note: Facebook has a very comprehensive FAQ page regarding reviews.

How Customer Lobby Can Help

Facebook reviews can be a valuable asset to marketing your business and will help you reach a larger base of prospective customers.

To help you get reviews on this growing platform, we are unveiling a Smart Invitation for Facebook that will be available Friday, Dec. 12.

Like our Smart Invites for Google+, Yelp, and Angie’s List, the one for Facebook will help direct your customers to your business’s Facebook page by providing a direct link in every Email Invitation you send or when a customer clicks the Customer Lobby button on your website. This helps you get more reviews in more places.

Note: To enable Smart Invites, log into your Customer Lobby account and select Reviews, followed by Settings, then Invitation Settings. Or, you can call or email us to get them set up.

In Conclusion

Facebook reviews can provide a unique opportunity for businesses to interact with their customers, as well as provide another place to get reviews. The application gives local businesses another avenue for self-promotion and makes it even easier for customers to leave feedback, making it a valuable marketing tool.


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