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High-Conversion Content in Just 15 Seconds? It’s Not Impossible. Join Us!

We loved the turnout at last week’s presentation, “Asking Customers for Reviews: Why, When, and How,” and invite you to join us next week for our third broadcast:

“How To Make Your Business Remarkable in 15 Seconds”


Free Broadcast
Thursday, January 29th
11:00am-11:15am PST
Hosted by Kelsey Brown, Marketing Manager

Fact: Most online traffic bounces off a page after 15 seconds.

Proof: Plenty of research.

Additional Proof: Think of the last time you really read online (no skimming!).


How do you project high-conversion messages about your business when you only have your audience for 15 seconds?

You can’t make a first impression twice, so join us for just 15 minutes of your day to find out about:

  • Hitting all the right notes with your Web audience.
  • Answering “Who am I and what can I provide?” for your visitors.
  • Real local businesses who are using design to draw customers.
  • Exceptions to the 15 seconds rule and why they’re special.


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