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From: Comcast, To: Mr. %$!#@ Customer

What happened in the office did not stay in the office in this latest case of Comcast customer “service”.

The news and photographic evidence broke yesterday about a Comcast customer named Ricardo Brown in Spokane, Washington who received his bill and a salutation I can’t write here without the comic book censorship above. (Classic hint: Hold your tongue and say “apple”.)

Getting a bill is never fun, and this one added insult to injury in a blunder not too far off the heels of the company’s last bad PR event. Rather than add more negativity to this unfortunate story, we can visit customer service lessons that stem from it like last time.

1) Don’t bulldoze your customers.

Ricardo’s wife, Lisa, says she had tried to cancel the cable part of her service and was met with refusal and a transfer to a “retention specialist”, who then pushed her toward an even tighter contract. When she saw the…um…alteration the company made on her husband’s name she said, “I was never rude. It could have been that person was upset because I didn’t take the offer.”

Customer Lobby has found that the majority of revenue for local service businesses comes from repeat customers, not brand new ones. When keeping customers happy is your lifeblood, it’s not a good idea to alienate them with poor communication and give them stories like Lisa’s to share online.

2) Take the high road, because you’re a pro.

Clearly, someone at Comcast let a personal grudge translate into professional damage. What was probably a very quick edit has now landed that employee’s employer on the “bad business practices” list again.

The occasional negative customer experience is inevitable for ANY business, just like losing customers occasionally can’t be 100% avoided. But your online reputation and your revenue don’t have to suffer from these problems, and there are measurable solutions. Just like responding well to a negative review is a great solution for your reputation (remember, we’ll help you write the perfect response), responding professionally to your customers’ concerns has a lot more measurable staying power than burning the bridge.



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