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Opportunity Isn’t Polite Enough to Knock

Yesterday, one of my coworkers sparked a discussion on powerful inspirational quotes. Today, I have this line displayed on my desk:

“Opportunity does not knock. It presents itself when you break down the door.”

Who originally said these words? Well, it depends on which website you choose to click in the Google search. Yep, the same idea is attributed to wildly different “original” speakers when you look it up.

Similarly, pinpoint origins of big ideas that few people saw coming (or many underestimated) can be and often are overlooked down the line.

That’s why innovation is vital. Even once you have a totally unique idea for your business – which is a huge challenge in itself – you risk leaning on one idea so much that you eventually fall behind while new competitors have pre-broken ground to soften their entry into the market.

Latest Door Broken Down by Customer Lobby

Customer Lobby supports thousands of local businesses by helping them collect more reviews and get more business. Customer reviews and reputation management solutions as unbeatable online marketing assets aren’t going away anytime soon, and we’re going to continue to lead the industry.

While we continue to provide support here, we have added new features to help local businesses get more after the sale with more repeat revenue from past customers.

Stay tuned, and get in touch today to see what trackable predictive advertising to your top customers will do for your business. Call us, no knocking required.





















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