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It’s Time to Give Apple Maps a Second Chance

We recently posted about Google MapMaker, but what about adding your business to Apple Maps? Apple Maps debuted in 2012 to less than stellar reviews and quickly became the butt of many jokes and Internet memes. Apple, however, has been working quietly at improving the feature and released Apple Maps Connect a few months ago. The product was recently released in several markets outside of the United States.

Apple Maps Connect is a free service that allows local businesses to quickly update and add their business information to Apple Maps. These listings will then appear on both the desktop and mobile version of Apple Maps.

Like most Apple products, Apple Maps Connect has a sleek, modern design and is fairly simple to use. To get started you log in with your Apple ID (the same one you use for iTunes or the App store), and search their database for your business. You’ll then receive an automated call from Apple to verify that you’re are the business owner or an authorized representative. This call will provide you with a code that you’ll enter to be able create a new listing or to update the following:

  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Map Location (you can drop a pin on a map where your business is located)
  • Place Status (i.e. is the business open or closed down)
  • Categories (you can select 3 categories and a sub-category for each. You can also suggest categories.)
  • Open Hours
  • Business website
  • Yelp page
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter page

Unfortunately, there seems to be some bugs and the verification call may not always work the first time, resulting in a wait time between attempts. Luckily, it seems Justin Mosebach and Mike Blumenthal have found a hack for this problem.

Apple is also working on indoor mapping (which works with iBeacon), but you’ll have to meet some restricting qualifications to be eligible for this feature now.

As always, it’s important to make sure your business’s information is correct in Apple’s database, and that it appears the same there as it does in all of your other Web listings.

Updating or adding your business to Apple Maps will help increase your Web presence and provide another place for prospective customers to find you.



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