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Don’t Call It A Comeback

The Spring catalog is on display at the J.C. Penney store in Westminster

…Even though it kind of is. Six years after discontinuing its publication, CBS News reports that JC Penney has announced the return of their “Big Book” catalog. In an era where online shopping is rising, why would a business return to such an “analog” endeavor? They understand the behavior of their customers and made direct mail work for their particular industry. So much so, that even e-based online retailers like Bonobos has adopted the traditional print catalog after successful testing. They found that customers who received a catalog spent 1.5 times more than new customers who hadn’t. The benefits they found in mixed-channel marketing to their past customers can inform how your own business might use print publications in retaining and increasing repeat business.

Make Direct Mail Work For You

The most important aspect of launching a direct mail campaign is understanding your customer base. Who is more likely to return and when? Then, tailor the messages sent to those customers to remind them of the services they need and how you can provide them. The effectiveness of any direct mail campaign is identifying who will more likely respond to your efforts. Customer Lobby has a great communications product that can tell you who those customers are and then tailor your marketing to them that you can try out for free here to see for yourself.


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