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Keep Calm…There’s an App for That

keep calm

Apple’s recent numbers show a continuing trend for the company: iPads just aren’t flying off the shelves like they once did. In fact, the number of iPad sales decreased 23% from a year ago.

CEO Tim Cook isn’t worried, though. He says he’s definitely not pulling the iPad even though it seems stuck in the shadow of fellow Apple products like iPhone and Mac.

According to Geekwire, “Part of that confidence stems from Appleā€™s partnership with IBM, which is focused on generating enterprise-specific apps for Apple products and selling them to businesses.”

Latest iOS and Android App for Reviews

Asking customers for online reviews can be tough (here’s how to master it anyway). The best time to ask is right after service, when happy customers have a lot of fresh reasons to recommend your business.

We recently released an app that makes it easy for you or your staff to get more reviews when meeting face-to-face with customers.

iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android, desktop computers – we cover all of them.

Current Customer Lobby members using Plus or higher can get the apps right now:

Not a member yet? Give us a call at (510) 230-0588 for 5 free reviews.


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